Label all battens very clearly on the back. Make sure you have fore and aft and port or starboard indicated.

For the formica pieces., also be very carefuly to label each piece and orientation and keep a layout map - as you remove.

Use a marker to indicate above the location.

Take each piece and lay on piece of okume - draw the outline - fair up with straight edge. The okum should be oversized. Be sure to mark the piece number.

Cut out piece formica that more or less matches the wood.

Bond together with epoxy. Maake sure the pattern is exposed.

Expoxy the exposed side of wood so it will not absorb water - or maybe oil it.

Then, cut out with a jig saw. Then replace the piece.















The batten that holds the laminated formica over okume has been temporarly put back in place.


I used a kitchen shop to do the bonding and cutting for me.

Stupidly, i thought intially of bonding 4 x 8 sheets - which could mean special equipment

Only later did I realize that it was not necessary to use the entire sheet and that it could be cut to approximate size prior to bonding.

You can also use the opportunity to reconfigure the pieces and cut them into manageable sizes for easy removable to inspect any future leaks or rebed deck fittings.








Overhead Replacement

Baba 30