Framboise Baba 30 Holding Tank

January, 2006

HOLDING TANK IN PLACE - UNDER INSTALLATION. The Tek-Tank fabricated holding tank is now in place. Because of an inch to mm error, it arrived a couple of inches shorter than expected, giving me a nice space to store some wine. But, the tank itself is sturdy and well made. A Sweettank will be installed in the lower right. There is a Wema inspection port in the upper right. The one pumpout is split with one hose going to the deck and the other hose (lower) to a macerator pump for over the side discharge when legal. Hose is hose.


UNDER THE SINK IN PROGRESS. I cut out the side of the head sink cabinet to permit access for undersink plumbing, and have a piece of Starboard that screws into place here. The plumbing is not complete. In the lower right, you can see the waste out from the holding tank which is feeding into a macerator pump. The outlet from the macerator will need to loop around and feed into the fitting and Y that is in the center of the photo. This Y then leads up to a vented loop. The vented loop is installed in the locker over the head, way to the right (aft) and feeds in from under the sink. The other 3/4 hose to the left is from the AC that is installed under the V-berth and there is also a brass condensator fitting.






See for a cross-section of the hull looking down. The holding tank pump-out exits just forward of the second chainplate knee.


November 2005




Above: facing aft through cut-out of head sink. The diverter will connect up to the holding tank. To the left, the black hose feeding the diverter goes to a vented loop which is behind and above the sink - behind the bulkhead.

Dimensions in mm


Sketch in Inches